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Kinesiologia Naturopatia Internazionale



Kinesiology means the study of movement. It originated over 60 years ago from physiotherapy studies and evolved into the study of the movement of muscles in their physical emotional nutritional mental and relational aspects. How does a food affect posture? Kinesiology has discovered it. Food tests are the most famous Kinesiological tests, but Kinesiological muscle testing is not just food testing, it is also testing of stress levels, emotional load, Chinese medicine meridians, acupuncture points, Naturopathy, customised food supplements and sports performance.

The experienced kinesiologist studies at least 1,000 hours of kinesiology courses, the beginner kinesiologist is already able to perform muscle tests after only four one-weekend courses.

Kinesiology differs from kinesiological testing because it uses 3-response procedures (not good, neutral, good; yes, neutral, no) instead of the only two responses of kinesiological testing (not good, good; yes, no). The procedures reflect reality because something can be neutral for you, not just good or bad.

Through evening webinars you can learn for yourself or a new profession.

With the one-weekend seminars you can turn your dream of becoming a kinesiologist and naturopath into reality and open your own holistic centre or natural products shop where you can kinesiologically test your customers.

In our School of Kinesiology there are coris of all levels so you can only attend the basic level, the intermediate level, the specialised level and the master level.

You can become a Naturopath by following only the online courses, whereas for training as a Naturopathic Kinesiologist at least one in-person course is required for every 3 online courses.

How you can choose seminars:

First year Kinesiology courses: 8 weekends

Second year Kinesiology courses: 8 weekends

First year Master Courses: 8 weekends

First year Master Courses: 8 weekends

First seminar level: 4 weekends

First seminar level: 4 weekends

Vitality webinar 2 hours recommended to accumulate training credits

Metaphorical meaning of symptoms webinar 2 hours

The Power of Empowering Affirmations webinar 2 hours

The language of gestures webinar 2 hours

Mapping the chakras webinar 2 hours

Mapping the muscles webinar 2 hours

Mapping auric bodies webinar 2 hours

Meridian Mapping 6 webinars 2 hours

Personalised food map webinar 2 hours

Personalised supplement map webinar 2 hours

Personalised map of detergents and cosmetics webinar 2 hours


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