The Kinesiology Master courses are dedicated to people who, after gaining a qualification in Basic Kinesiology, want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of kinesiological techniques from the mental and physical emotional aspect to the energetic aspect and the interconnection between the various planes of existence.

Master Kinesiology courses are also easy to follow online and face-to-face practice is suggested for at least 30% of the hours. In-presence practice can be carried out at our locations throughout Italy and Europe through classroom tutoring either individually or in small groups. The Kinesiology Master courses are one per month when followed in presence and therefore a total of 12 professional weekends divided as follows:

4 weekends dedicated to gentle mobilisations and in-depth study of postural muscular issues and somatised emotions in the body

4 weekends dedicated to an in-depth study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in particular Jing Qi Shen and their relationship with inner sensitivity and physical well-being

4 weekends dedicated to an in-depth study of dietary and digestive issues, the microbiota, the various topics of intestinal tracts and their effects on sleep, breathing and skin irritation issues.

It continues with 4 weekends of in-depth study on the topics of hair memory nails and teeth with the interconnection of the emotional and structural learning aspect

4 in-depth weekends on chakras the auric bodies crystals and essential oils

4 in-depth weekends on phytotherapy, flower therapy, cranio sacral breathing, sound therapy and interconnection with nature.

All weekends are also available in video on demand and each video unit is approximately 3 to 4 hours long.

All disciplines are treated through muscle testing and Kinesiology procedures

During the courses, they are also taught how to run online sessions by professionals.

With the development of new kinesiology technologies and the use of online consultation platforms, it is possible to receive personalised advice from a kinesiologist or naturopathic practitioner.

Those who turn to a Kinesiologist want to know the explanation and the reasons for their discomforts and ailments and receive a complete and in-depth picture of their issues and a range of possible solutions.

Those who seek counselling from a kinesiologist online or in person want to know the root cause of their blockages and resolve them without trial and error, but by targeting the problem and its correlations without dispersion and in a focused manner.

With Online Kinesiology counselling, each problem can be delimited and circumscribed by getting to the root of the causes and setting up intervention plans so that the problem does not reoccur in other forms once it has been eliminated.

The Naturopath's online counselling can also be carried out without face-to-face meetings. Kinesiologist counselling can be done online and if necessary also with face-to-face appointments.

Lo strumento della consulenza online permette di evitare spostamenti non necessari e inquadrare i problemi preparando un piano d’azione prima di effettuare le sessioni in presenza.

It is possible to receive in-person consultations in one of our Kinesiology centres throughout Italy and also in Europe. Online consultations can be held throughout the day and also in the evening hours when people have more time to take care of themselves. Online Kinesiology consultations and also Naturopathy consultations are also aimed at those who, while noting a discrete degree of well-being, wish to strengthen themselves for special appointments such as a wedding date, a job interview, a crucial sporting event, or a particularly intense training session.

Anyone who wants to improve performance in all fields, including artistic or personal, turns to the online kinesiologist.

From the body builder who wants to learn more about how best to enhance his or her training to the mother who wants the best well-being for herself and her children and family, an online Kinesiology consultation allows you to better orientate yourself in your daily choices and decide on the best solutions for your own well-being at work and for your loved ones.

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